Free Cash on Delivery on order above 300


COD Policy

Cash on delivery facility is available in four countries:

Pakistan, UAE, KSA and Bahrain

However – Our COD FACILITY is NOT available for the following:

1- Non-COD Serviceable areas in U.A.E. Pakistan.
2- Bulk Orders.
3- Products in the SALE category.
4- Orders which have stitching service included in Cart.

Why COD is not available on shopping cart value in some codes?

A few customers do not accept COD order at the time of delivery due to various reasons – including change of mind, delay in delivery of order, fake orders, a better deal on some other website / supplier etc. Due to this the parcel comes back to us which is called as RTO or return to Origin – which includes 200% courier charges. That means that for a parcel that is not delivered and comes back to us we have to spend approx. 25 to 35 AED or unnecessarily. Moreover if the material was short in supply it is blocked only in transit for 15-20 days – and during this time a genuine customer is not able to get that product as it becomes temporarily out of stock! So- in the end only the genuine buyer suffer due to non-delivery of a confirmed COD order.

We are always happy to offer COD of any value to all genuine customers who have a good track record in accepting COD orders. We proced such orders manually and change a high value transaction into COD for all genuine clients. On the other hand – we blacklist all customers who do not accept COD orders without a valid reason.
In addition to this please also note that, “If any Confirmed COD order” is refused by a customer at the time of delivery, we will not be able to provide COD facility to that client in future.

Reason being:

  1. The Product if refused gets blocked because of that order and some one else is not able to place the order. This is especially true for those products for which we have very limited quantity or those products which have a High demand.
  2. The reverse logistics is an additional cost which ultimately affects overall pricing on the site.
    However there can be genuine cases where the refusal of COD will be accepted, for e.g. if order processing time gets delayed by more than 20 days in case of ready to ship orders. We want your shopping experience be an pleasurable one. This policy is to assist all our valued customers.
  3. Please also note that shipping time of COD orders will be 8-14 days from date of Order. This can be a little longer in case a product is under pre-booking or upcoming category. Pre-Paid orders are usually shipped faster.

Have a Joyful Shopping with us.
Team – Kaswa Collections

P.S. Kaswa Collections may revise the COD policy at their own discretion without any notice. Kaswa Collections also reserves the right to deny or completely stop providing this service for any reason with or without notice at their own discretion.

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